My application

1. I warrant that any material submitted by me in my application (including without limitation, any photographs and videos):

(a) is my original work and does not infringe any third party rights;

(b) may be used by Nine Network Australia (Nine) and Lucky Break Creative (Lucky Break Creative) in any way in any media throughout the world, without requiring the consent of any other person or any payment to any person; and

(c) does not contain any material that is in breach of any applicable law.

2. In consideration of Nine and Lucky Break Creative agreeing to consider my application, I assign to Nine all rights (including present and future copyright) subsisting in my video, my photographs and all contents of my completed application (Materials). I acknowledge that the Materials may be edited or modified at Nine’s absolute discretion for use in any way in any media.

3. In return for my assignment of rights in the Materials, Nine consents to me retaining a copy of the Materials for my personal use on the condition that I do not directly or indirectly offer to sell, hire, distribute, reproduce or otherwise use or authorise the use of the Materials for any commercial purpose or provide a copy of those Materials (or any part of them) to any other media organisation, outlet or platform without Nine’s prior written consent.

Selection process

4. I understand that Nine and Lucky Break Creative may (but are not obliged) invite me to participate in further stages of the selection process, and I acknowledge that I may be required to complete detailed questionnaires, sign confidentiality undertakings and releases, and, if selected to be a participant on THE BLOCK (the Program), be required to enter into a detailed contract covering all aspects of my participation in the Program.

5. I acknowledge that Nine has no obligation to select me as a participant on the Program and it is entitled to exclude me from participating at any stage of the selection process at its sole discretion without providing any explanation or reason to me.


6. I agree that Nine may record and reproduce on film, tape, photograph and by any other means my name, likeness, voice and appearance (Recordings) and may use the Recordings (in whole or in part), the Materials and any other materials or information I have provided during the selection process in any way in any media throughout the world, without further consent or payment for any of this use regardless of whether or not I am selected to participate in the Program.

7. I acknowledge that Nine will own all rights, including copyright, in the Recordings and may include Recordings of me in the Program at its sole discretion. I further irrevocably and unconditionally assign to Nine, by present assignment and present assignment of future rights, all right, title, and interest in my performance on the Recordings and in any works created or developed by me in connection with my appearance on the Recordings. I agree to execute any document or do anything that may be necessary to perfect any such assignment.

8. I agree that I may not make any claim against Nine with respect to the uses of the Recordings and other materials to which I have consented under this Release.

9. I agree to participate in the selection process for the Program voluntarily and at my own risk. I agree that to the maximum extent permitted by law Nine will not be liable to me for any loss or damage or injury to me, my property or my reputation caused or suffered in connection with the making and use of the Recordings or my participation in the selection process for the Program.


10. I acknowledge that all Confidential Information is strictly confidential and I agree and undertake not to disclose any such information to any person. Confidential Information means:

(a) any information about the application process, the Program or in connection with the application process or the Program;

(b) any information about my involvement with the application process or Program;

(c) the terms of this agreement; and

(d) any other information or knowhow in any form concerning the business of Nine and its related bodies corporate, disclosed by Nine to me, or otherwise learnt by me.

11. I must not make any statement or give any interview about my participation in the application process or in connection with the Program to any media person or form of media outlet without the prior written consent of Nine regardless of whether I am selected as a participant in the Program.

Accuracy of Information

12. I warrant that the information and answers I provide in my application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I acknowledge that if Nine discovers that the information or answers I have provided are false or misleading and I have been selected to be a participant in the Program, I may be immediately disqualified from participating in the Program.